Inspiration comes to life from the streets of the so-called “Cradle of the Renaissance”: Florence. A city like no other, where you can breathe the soul of history with every step thanks to architecture, sculpture and painting masterpieces that enchant the world. Impavid Gin follows in the footsteps of the brilliant artists who shaped the history of this city and translates them into the beverage world, creating a “renaissance of taste” that evokes Italian excellence with every sip.


What Renaissance artists did to create their magnificent sculptures is what Impavid Gin has sought to do with its refined packaging. Brilliant sculptors carved the precious marble as if it was living matter, carving out faces, bodies and details that seem to come to life right before our eyes. Hence the creative inspiration behind the Impavid Gin bottle design: not just packaging, but jewel-like bottles made of off-white glass that celebrates the talent of Renaissance artists and reminds us of their pristine marble masterpieces. A packaging that becomes a design item to keep in a special spot on the shelves of our home.


What lies behind every artistic masterpiece is the constant aim for the top, striving for absolute perfection. It is that burning desire to fill the world with beauty, to remind humankind of what it can be capable of and write a new page in the great book of Italian history. It is these very ideals that have motivated Bonasi Brand in the creation process of Impavid Gin: not a simple gin, but the finest Italian gin ever. A high but not unattainable expectation, thanks to Bonasi Brand’s natural inclination for the world of great wines and liquors and the talent of the best researchers and distillers from all over Italy, true artists of the modern era.